September 10, 2017

Staycation: A Cost Effective Alternative To Family Vacations

Family vacations can be costly events. When you get finished factoring in the cost of travel, the hotel stay, and food, there's barely any money left for entertainment. This is why it may be a good idea to create a more cost effective alternative to the traditional family vacation. A staycation takes a lot of bite out of the budget by eliminating the travel and gas cost. This, in turn, creates more money for the fun parts of the vacation and saves you a ton of time and money. Staycations let you get to the fun right away.

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You Won't Waste Money on Gas or Travel
One of the obvious benefits of opting to stay in town for a vacation is all the money that you save on gas and travel. This can range from hundreds to even thousands of dollars depending on where you are going. Gas isn't getting any cheaper and neither are airline tickets. The time and money that you save on travel can create an opportunity to book a more exclusive hotel or go to that nice restaurant across town. This alone is a saves a lot of money. There's no need to worry about unknown areas. Since you're staying in town, you probably won't need that wallet gun holster either.

You Spend More Time Enjoying Yourself
The time you don't have to spend getting to your vacation destination lets you start your vacation right away. A drive across town can have you in the pool at your hotel within a half an hour. This move alone can add hours or even a day to your vacation. The time savings is a huge perk as well.

There's More Money to Spend on Entertainment
Clearly, the money you're not spending on gas and other forms of travel can leave a lot of room in the entertainment budget. Suddenly that nice restaurant becomes doable. Even that show that seemed like it might break the budget becomes a possibility as well.

The staycation is an affordable alternative to the traditionals costly family vacation. It allows you to stay in town, saving tons of money and time. This, in turn, allows you to start your vacation almost instantly and also creates extra money to use any way you want.

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