May 25, 2015

Using Window Treatments as a Natural Alarm Clock

For as long as the world spins round scientists will always be looking for that creation that bolsters the quality of our sleep. Like it or not, we'll never be satisfied with the amount of pillow-time we get, and we'll always be looking for methods to try and wake up bright and fresh, rather than dull and groggy.

Something that the scientists have worked out is that natural light plays a bit part in the way in which we come around in a morning. It's for this very reason that we have seen all types of alarm clock inventions hit the shelves, with some even aiming to disperse light around your bedroom in a bid to try and acclimatize your body to the morning.

We're not going to go quite as far as that today. Instead, as you've probably gathered with the headline, we're going to delve into window treatments and the part they can play in helping you achieve a good night's sleep.

We've all heard of the wonders of blackout blinds when it comes to sleep quality and if you really want to maximize the amount of shut-eye that you receive, these are products that will most certainly work very well for you.

However, it’s not all about keeping your room pitch-dark. Admittedly, it will promote a much more fruitful nights’ sleep, but this isn’t the problem for some people. Instead, it’s the morning routine and even if you’ve surpassed the so-called magic eight hours, pulling yourself up out of bed is still a mission in itself.

This is where something like the motorized blind could enter the picture. Initially these were systems that were targeted at inaccessible windows, where it just wasn’t possible to manipulate the covering. Now, the landscape has changed. Using the programmable timer that most manufacturers attach to motorized systems, it’s possible to dictate exactly what time the blind opens. As such, if you tell it to start to let the sun through your windows an hour or so before you wake up, you will slowly allow your body to become used to the morning sun and wake up naturally.

Of course, it’s not a magic solution and is by no means going to make getting out of bed the easiest chore of the day. Nevertheless, it’s something that can make a difference to your sleep routine and perhaps reduce the number of occasions you press the dreaded snooze button.

There are plenty of other sleep-related tips that link to blinds as well. If you happen to sleep in a room which just catches too much sun during the day, tossing and turning will become a routine in itself as you bid to beat the heat and get to sleep. In these instances, something like a solar shade would work absolute wonders and allow you to block out those powerful UV rays that make your bedroom an oven.

In short, blinds allow you to optimize your sleeping habits to your heart’s desire. Again, it’s not a magic formula, but it can make that morning slog so much easier For more ideas for a better sleep experience, try to check out this guide from Counting Sheep Research.

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