May 9, 2014

Could Your Business Benefit from Corporate Hospitality?

Most of us have heard of corporate hospitality but you may be unaware of the huge range of advantages it has to offer. This article reveals more about corporate events and enables you to make the most of this opportunity for your business.

If you have never considered corporate hospitality days or events for your business before, you could be missing a trick. There are lots of opportunities to indulge in this area to enhance your business, as well as your relationships with your employees and your clients.

There are many different corporate events that you can treat clients to, mostly based around sport. Football is a sport that naturally lends itself well to the hiring of corporate boxes that come with food and drink thrown in (most Premier League and a number of Championship clubs have the stadium facilities to offer this type of experience to those willing to pay for it), and horse racing is not far behind – the likes of Aintree, Epsom and Cheltenham all have corporate packages and facilities available for visitors to sign up for as a way of making their day out extra special.
 Racegoers Hospitality & Steam Train Package
The one tripping point many business owners see is the fact that they have to pay to enjoy corporate hospitality. Cheltenham racecourse, Wimbledon tennis and all manner of football venues – these all provide great choices when it comes to hospitality, but they all cost money. However if this is how you are looking at the situation you should look to the long term instead.

The key focus when you are looking at investing in this area is to look at the long term picture instead of the short term one. You’ll notice I used the word ‘investing’ there as well. It’s well worth making sure you have the ability to change your mindset if you see every penny you spend as an expense. When it comes to corporate hospitality Cheltenham based or anywhere else, you are investing in the future relationships. These will help to provide more income for your business, which isn’t a bad thing.

You can take your day at Cheltenham to the next level by adding transport to the racecourse via its vintage steam-powered train to your package. While you can drive to the venue, the traffic around the area on race days can be extremely busy and delay your arrival – when you’re paying more than you normally would for the experience, you don’t want to waste a minute! Instead, why not park at Toddington station, enjoy the live band on the platform and cruise to the racecourse on a beautifully restored train with a buffet and bar to keep you and your party suitably refreshed? The journey takes about thirty minutes at a leisurely pace through some of the most attractive countryside that Britain has to offer.

Many business owners tend to add corporate hospitality events to their regular annual marketing expenditure because they work. If they do it regularly it must mean they are getting results – otherwise why spend the money? Keep this in mind when you are considering booking such an event for your target audience in order to get the results you want to.

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