October 19, 2013

What's the Right Age for my Kids to Begin in Music Lesson?

God this excerpt from an article: The important question then is not when to start lessons, but what is the goal of music lessons for young children? For instance, very young children are not exposed to instruments in order to master them, but to gain experience and learn to develop meaningful relationships with music at a young age. If this is your goal, then the “lessons” can and should start soon after birth and certainly within the child’s first year.
 So true, situations must be based on your child's interest in music not of the parents frustrations. :) Actually, I am so excited for my 'lil boy because at an early age of two he is so inclined with music. Now, he is always asking me to buy a drum set for him but I guess he's just too young to have those expensive one that is why we will be planning to give him a present this Christmas!

As to my 'lil girl's music inclination, she is into guitars and that she wanted me to buy one for her. Now, hubby and I were canvassing for a gibson j-45 for sale so that we could grant her wish too this Holiday season. Hope they have a pink or a girly one suited for her. :)

Well, I can't wait for our two kiddos to have their own recital when time comes!

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