January 28, 2013

Foot Notes Socks: Inspiration at Your Feet!

I guess all of you know about Mark Baustista, right? Now, he's not just a singer but an entrepreneur as well! He just launched his new inspirational socks called Foot Notes, it's not just an ordinary pair of socks but of  fashion and fun socks too. You want to know what's the story behind why he had come up with this idea? Here's how...

Photo: Welcome to my page!!hope you like my inspirational socks
Growing up I loved the stage, but it didn't come easy. Stage fright was something that always held me back and I still remember all the emotions, just like it was yesterday. 

Strangely enough my mom had the perfect solution: She put coins in my socks before one of my competitions, and told me this would help calm me down. 

That day I went on stage with the coins in my socks and little did I know that I would take these coins with me for the rest of my life. 

It wasn't just about the coins, it was what the coins reminded me of.. My mother's words, or maybe it was the magic in them. 

Now I share the magic with you: through "FOOTNOTES"; these socks carry the words and the inspiration that have guided me in my struggles and in my journeys. 

So as you wear them each day, I hope the quotes will guide and inspire you as well to always put your best foot forward - in each step that you take. 

 "FOOTNOTES" is not your ordinary pair of socks. It is inspiration at your feet

                                                                                                                                      -Mark Bautista

Cool right? Every day as you wear these socks, not just you'll be inspired but instead motivated to move and live life to the fullest. Imagine a life's inspiration quotes are printed on it plus the array of different colors of your pairs of socks make it more fun!

Now if you want to purchase Footnotes socks, you can have it in two different types – the ankle and the knee socks. If you wish to avail their limited edition, you can have 7 pair of socks for the price of 1,499.  
Guess what? You're not just only patronizing our very own fellow Kagayanon's products but in a way you're helping the M.A.C Foundation, in every purchases you made- 10 pesos will go to the said foundation.

Now, this is what I've got....."Focus and Win"

So what are you waiting for? Grab your pair of inspirational socks by simply visiting www.footnotes.ph and lodge your orders NOW!

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