October 3, 2012

Fairy Hobmother Spreading Some Love


I never thought Fairy Hobmother would come and visit my haven for the second time around (wohooo!). According to him, he was truly impressed of this site and that he will send me some joy along my way in the form of an Amazon voucher or in cash if I want to. Cool! What an unexpected blessing you are to us Fairy Hobmother.

Again, his mission? Well, he is spreading his magical dusts in the blogosphere to give joy to people like us and that he proves that wishes do really come true! 

Opss...Do I need to write all my wishlists for Christmas so that Fairy Hobmother will grant all of them? Hhmmmm...Let me try, I know Fairy Hobmother are promoting these: I want a Washing Machine Freestanding White and an American Fridge Freezer Freestanding Stainless Steel suited for our newly build house at that time (I know these are just one of the  few things I want to have this Christmas). :) *wink*

Well, if you want to receive some love coming from Fairy Hobmother then just leave your comments down below and who knows you will be next in line to receive the blessings. You can follow him also in his Twitter account the Fairy Hobmother.


Cookie said...

Wow, lucky you phebz! Hope I get a visit from the Fairyhobmother one of these days. So generous of him indeed to have your wish granted ;-)

visit pd ko diri. pgka nice na ba sa imong blog!

Anonymous said...

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