October 11, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday Ate Danielle!

We were kinda‘ sad when she celebrated her 6th birthday last October 7 since me and her dad went out of the country for a trip. It was actually the first time that she blew her candle without us surrounding her. Anyway, her day turned out to be a memorable one since my parents and sister was with her the whole day (treated her for a birthday lunch and a night swimming with cousins). Indeed, it was a happy day for her!

Well, I have nothing much to say but thank you Lord for giving such a lovely daughter! All our prayers for her is to continue to grow and to have more faith in the Lord, a good health and abounding blessings in all aspect of her life. 

Happy Birthday Ate Danielle! 
 Remember that Daddy, me and Josh will be here for you till the end…. 
 God Bless you!

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