July 12, 2012

PMC Charity Event 2012 Preparation

Last week when the founder of PMC or Pinay Mommy Community (Ate Ruby) posted in FB and were calling us PMC members from CDO to volunteer for the repacking of goods and without hesitation I volunteered as one. Fortunately, I was able to realize my commitment last Monday~ July 8, 2012.

Together wit these beautiful mommies from Cagayan de Oro, of course Mommy Ruby of Pinay Mommy Online, Mommy Kayce of A Young Mama's Journey, Mommy Dharlz of Empowered Mom, Mommy Jess of Jessy's Adventure (fresh from USA), Mommy Jacqs of Rolled Into One, Mommy Ems of MEMOIRS and yours truly repacked these goods below with our hearts full of joy. :)


After an hour or two we were able to repack those toiletries from P&G's e.Studyante into 48 bags for the families who were relocated in some of the covered courts here in barangay Carmen and Patag after that Typhoon Sendong hits our place.

Now, the PMC moms of CDO are now so ready to distribute these stuffs this coming July 14, 2012 at 9am in the areas that were selected. Wow! It would be so nice to be part of this kind of charity event and I am so excited!


Once again, we would like to extend our gratitude for the P&G's e.Studyante plus to all the PMC moms out there...and of course special mention to Mommy Ruby also for that yummy dinner she prepared for us that night. :) God Bless us all!

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Pinay Mommy Online said...

Thank you so much Couz for being one of our volunteers. May God bless your family. <3