July 5, 2012

Getting Closer to October

Time flies so fast and that it keeps on telling me that it's now getting closer to the month that we've been waiting for~ October! Why? It would be our 7th Wedding anniversary! I'm just so excited because God gave us an opportunity to travel with hubby for our yearly honeymoon outside the country. :) It would be a super perfect number for us~ 7! Our wedding date is on October 7, which happened to be our 7th anniversary! Indeed, God is a God of order.
Anyway, I am thinking also of giving hubby a wallet from South Carolina Wallets. I think he deserves to have one such like this. Aside from the fact that his wallet now are already torn, so I guess it needs a replacement. Hmmm....wondering what would be my presents for that day to come? Well, reminding myself not to expect much. :)

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