November 15, 2011

Got A New Dress!

*woot!!!* Yehey! I can't believe I just had my new dress for my blog!!! Thanks to sis Grace of Dress up Your Blogs, whom I met online through the thread comments of my fellow bloggers. At first I was so hesitant to have it done unless it's for free,(*wink*) but I just realized that somehow I need to invest in things like this. Whew!

I happened to meet her few months before I gave birth and guess what? I bought a pre-made designs from her at a very affordable cost and she installed it in my other blog- A Life That Matters. I was so happy to have it done by her! Since, sis Grace was on hiatus for quite some time my blog make-over was on pending too and now that she's back on her world of blog designing- Voila!... I just so love her work! I love the design as a whole as well as the color. Guess what? If you are a regular customer of her, you can have a big discount on the second blog make-over order. So again, I got it in a very affordable price. :)

Once again, Thank you Grace!


JonaBQ said...

Hi! Great dress for your blog :)
our family

Perfectly Blended said...

I like your new dress. I hope I can buy a new dress for my blog too. :-)

Grace said...

Thanks sis for mentioning me here. I am happy for your blog, too..