October 24, 2011

Top Three Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

With Halloween just around the corner everyone is rushing to find a perfect costume. This is not only for the young kids as adults also enjoy the costume parties at home and work. The only problem is that most women who are about to go to these parties are probably busy with work and family which means there is no enough time to go through racks and racks of costumes.

In order to save time while shopping, here are some of the popular Halloween costume ideas for women:

The Catwoman
Of course this is probably one of the sexiest Halloween costumes. This is one of the reasons why this is a top favorite among women. Add the mysterious look with that black jumpsuit that will complement a sexy figure.

Lara Croft, Tomb Raider
Angelina Jolie has portrayed this role so well that you feel like you need a certain dose of adventure. The Lara Croft outfit is somewhat a mixture of roughness and sexiness. The only thing about this costume is it could look too casual so make sure that you are complete with accessories.

Do you want a little blast in the past? Take out those leg warmers, loose shirts and brightly colored headbands in order to have that complete 80’s look. Not a lot of people are brave enough to jump into this idea because the 80’s fashion can be quite tricky but if you a trendsetter this could surely make you a stand out.

Now if you are having a hard time trying to figure out the costume that is right for you, the internet could provide you with a number of selections. The best part is, you can even make the purchase online as well.

Ally is a freelance content writer is also fond of traveling and outdoor adventures. She enjoys working on fashion related projects such as leg warmers for women and sees this as an opportunity to share stories and inspire the readers.


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