October 17, 2011


Adlai (Coix lacryma-jobu L.) is an indigenous crop introduced in Africa as staple food. Also known as Adlay or Job’s tears, it also grows in tropical parts in Southern and Eastern Asia. Adlai is mainly eaten as a staple food substitute for rice and corn. Aside from being a staple crop, Adlai can also be processed in making flour for bread and in wine and beer production.

It is actually a weed/grass that grows in watery areas. Before, the hard grain of Adlai is being used as a bracelet and necklace because of its hole wherein one can insert a thin piece of nylon string. I never imagined that it has so many benefits that we can get out from it.

As an employee of Department of Agriculture, we are promoting and utilizing Adlai to enhance and sustainably nurture its potential as an alternative food source for Filipinos.

It was my first time to see Adlai for real during the NOMIARC’s field day. So here it is… how tall Adlai is- it looks like a miniature of corn! Its fruits look like a mini shell with colors brown, black and usually grey.
Of course it would not be complete if I will not be able to taste these nutritious grains. And voila! It still tastes like normal grains, having no after taste at all. Aside from its nutritional value that you can get, you can also buy it at a very affordable price of 25Php/k.
So better try it NOW!


Anonymous said...

This is interesting. Maybe I can shift from being a rice addict to adlai eater. Cuz I'm in a starch-free diet for a long time now, but I'd die if I avoid rice. It's anti-allergic! Man, I'd be looking for that grain in Cebu or online.

Anonymous said...

yah..adlai is delicious, i've eaten that many times in the agency where im at in.