July 22, 2011

Problem Encountered through Online Booking

Last July 6, I booked my Aunties a flight from Cagayan de Oro to Manila thinking that all of the information that I gave was all correct. Upon seeing the e-ticket a day before the flight I noticed that the surname that I used for my Aunt was incorrect. So I called-up the air company and they told me what to do. First is I have to scan my Aunt's ID's plus I have to download the affidavit from their site then I have to send it back to them. Oh my! another problem on my end because our document scanning software was broken at that time and that is why I need to run to the nearest internet cafe and have it scanned. Well, that's the disadvantages if you'll have to book online and encountered some problems~ so hassle on our part!

Anyway, the problem was fixed before the flight date and now they're enjoying their vacation @ Hong Kong!

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