July 16, 2011

Long Weekend Holidays

I know everyone loves holidays just like me~ it's just like a family time for all of us. Right? Upon knowing that next month we will be having a long weekend holiday because we will be celebrating it's city fiesta on Sunday, followed by National Heroes day on Tuesday plus on Wednesday it will be the end of Ramadan days. Yahoo!!! Hubby and I will be away from work for quiet a long time and be with our precious ones. Well, as of now we are planning to leave on the 29th (Monday) so that we can have a long family moments for us. Actually, we will be spending it at our Aunt's resort because we just received holiday invitations coming from them because it's been awhile that we haven't seen each other aside from they wanted to see our newborn baby Josh! Whew! I can't wait for this time to come~ another bonding moments with my family!

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