March 16, 2011

She Experienced It!

About two years ago, our younger sister went to Dubai to earn for a living after her college graduation. Actually, it was our older sister who invited her to work in the same restaurant as a waitress. Unfortunately, after a month our younger sister went home because she can't combat the fatigue that her legs were experiencing due to prolonged standing and walking for the whole day. She even experienced swelling on her legs and ankles that's why she decided to go home, well aside from the fact that she was really home-sicked.

Anyway, she can stay long in that country if she has her compression stockings edema just to mediate her leg discomforts and relieve her leg swellings. Not only that, she will be able to have an energized fatigued legs and the feelings of heaviness and tiredness in the legs will be surely reduced.

I'm planning to give her a pair so that she can apply the said job position the soonest.

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