March 2, 2011

3, 2...1

Today marks my 26th weeks of my pregnancy! This time I'm talking about 3 more months to go before I'll give birth to a healthy baby boy. Everyone in the family is so excited to see our 2nd bundle of joy named baby Joshua!

Whew! can't wait to meet him. Thank you Lord for such blessing!!!!


Kat said...

Weee congratulations! Konti na lang and we'll get to see Joshua na rin! Don't forget to post pics sa PMB ha :)

Phebie said...

Sure sis..I would love to post his pix soon sa PMB! Thanks for the visit!

diaper days said...

WOw! Congrats girl, for me I am waiting for this month fo rmy baby to come out very soon..too bad we never knew what is the gender since it is rule here not to say what is the gender of the baby,..but we really dont care, the important is, she/he is healthy baby..

I hope we can exchange links..

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