April 28, 2010

Missy Bon Bon Experience

It was my first time to be invited together with the CDO Bloggers for a food tasting or shall we say a breakfast meeting with Missy Bon Bon's owner Mr. Henrik Yu. Actually it was Mommy Dharlz who invited me then for this once in a lifetime opportunity, so I hurriedly grabbed it!

with the CDO Bloggers & Mr. Yu

Indeed, it was such a memorable experience I had with my fellow bloggers. By the way, Missy Bon Bon is still new in the market since they just opened last April 17, 2010. But guess what? It's already the talk of the town this time, people would really love to go an experience their freshly made bread, their gourmet foods, their freshly brewed coffee and of course their 18 flavors of custom gelato mixes. Hmmm...a mouthwatering experienced we had.

w/ the mommy bloggers (serious topic?)

Well if you haven't tasted it yet, include it in your list - this hip, cozy, relaxed, world class breadshop named Missy Bon Bon Breadshop.

More photos soon...

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