April 14, 2010

Meant to Be

About a month ago, I received text message from a friend asking me about a certain person. I did not give her a reply that is why she called me up. We talked for about an hour about that certain guy- our classmate during elementary days. She told me everything about what’s going on and that the guy is so serious of settling down. Guess what? They’re having a long distance love affair since the guy is away from the country.

Two weeks ago, the girl called me up again informing me that they will get married this coming July 17. I was really shocked in a span of weeks they were all decided to tie their knot. As of now, the venue were all ready, the church, the entourage, ant etc. Good thing cheap wedding programs were done by her wedding coordinator. I guess the wedding preparations are almost perfect except for their pre-canna and some papers and documents to process for their marriage license.

Oh my I can’t believe it, how they were destined by God from a mere acquaintance to a perfect couple! Wishing and praying them the best that God has in-store for their upcoming marriage. See you soon guys!

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