February 10, 2010

Plans for Summer Vacation

The heat is on! Yeah, summer is getting nearer and for sure we are all so excited to have our summer vacation. Last night, mom and I were talking about our last year’s summer vacation that we had in a beautiful Island of your imagination. Now, we are planning to go to another place that we have not yet visited. Maybe we will be spending 3 days for that place and in that case, we don’t need to use travel trailers anymore. All we have to do now is to save more in order for us to explore the beauty of their place when we go there.

Oopss wait….since we would be definitely spending it on a beautiful white sand beaches, then I will make an effort of losing some pounds in order for me to wear those sexy summer dresses in my closet. I need to feel and look good for this vacation galore. Oh my I’m so excited since it will be 3 months from now. Another day of spending quality time with my loved-ones- is the moment that everyone longs for especially for working parents like us. Hope we will truly enjoy and we’ll have some fun together!

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