July 25, 2008

My First, My Last and My Now

Thank so much for my mentor Bogie for tagging me.

* First name: Phebie Anne
* First screen name: ladylove
* First funeral: Tyrone's Grandma (if I'm not mistaken)
* First kiss: Nyeeksss..I won't tell coz I hate it!
* First love: My one and only husband

* Last beverage drank: water
* Last food consumed: Pork chop
* Last phone call: my mama
* Last time showered: Today
* Last CD played: Brainy Baby for my daughter (just this AM)
* Last website visited: Love's Haven

* Single or taken: Taken of course!
* Gender: Female
* Birthday: February 4
* Sign: Aquarius
* Shoe size: 6 1/2 or 7
* Thinking about: Our trip to Bohol this coming October (our 3rd wed anniv & at the same time my Princess's 2nd birthday)

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2.) Creative in Me
3.) Little Peanut
4.) For the LOVE of Food
5.) Pea in a Pod
6.) SugarMagnolias
7.) Blogsilog
8.) Captured Memories
9.) Cherry’s Comfort Zone
10.) Thinking Out Loud
11.) Wishing and Hoping
12.) Buzzy Me
13.) My Precious Niche
14.) Just Me.. Eds
15.) Eds Mommy Life
16.) Can of Thoughts
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18.) Vhiel's Corner
19.) Anything and Everything in Between
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21.) Blessings and Beyond
22.) Pinay Mommy Online
23.) Bogie's Wonderland
24.) Love's Haven
25.) YOU!

Now, I am tagging Koko. Nice xa!

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