July 25, 2008

Hate Late!

"Time is so precious"...Ever since I was still a kid, I really hated to be late in school. The reason was, I'm ashamed to face all my classmates and asked them like these, "Classmates, may I come in?" and surely they will reply..."Yes, you may!" I hate that feeling...Gosh!

Later when I was in my high school years, never did I got some tardiness in my report card. Whew! I couldn't believed it, perfect attendance plus no tardiness at all. Here we go during my college days, there were times that I was late in my class but to my surprise I thought they already started but guess what? our teacher was the one who got late..Hahaha!

But what makes me hate the most? When someone that I've made an agreement with that we will meet at a certain time and doesn't come on time. Wow! don't expect me that I will be happy of what you did. My patience for waiting is so short...I easily get mad, my friends knows me well when it comes to coming on time.

Every time I failed in coming on time, I really blamed myself or somebody else who made me came late. Just like during my big event in life i really hated it coz I was late for an hour. (big sigh**). Anyway, there's no such thing as perfect wedding. Most of it has its own floss..

Now that I am working, tardiness is a big no! no!. As per policy of our office, we were only allowed to have tardiness for 5x only per month. If you wish to have a 6x late then it will be a memorable for you. You will get a Memorandum (hahaha) and your performance will be affected. As to my case, I have already incurred a 5X late this month. I always remind my husband to sleep early so that we can get off from bed early and there's no reason why I will be late! Tell me, does anyone of you here don't hate to be late?

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