February 28, 2008

Just for YOU!

This poem was written almost 5 years ago...(6-04-03)..This is me when i'm in love...char!

Joy brings peace whenever I see you
And adds LOVE the time I became part of you,
Yield with the man that God has given to…

Nice friend, adviser and a lover,
Explicit example of a good and a typical partner;
Important one that I truly cared and love for more…and
Loving him is worth dying for!

No such person could be like him,
Optimistic in all kinds of theme;
Responsive and respectful to other people
Making decisions, he is for.
Absolutely different once you know him
Nevertheless, He is good as it seems.
Day by day I always think of him;
Inspired by his words, love and cares
Am looking to be with him until the end!


Lalaine said...

hi lav!!Welcome to the blogworld!! yipeee!! I'll add you in my link ha? God bless!!

Phebie said...

ur welcome! mao pa pag sugod nko, am not good at it!


hello there! i didn't know you have a blog. anyway, welcome to the blogger's world! hope you can visit mine too! exchange link dayon ta.