February 28, 2008

Dear Mommy

After 9 months, I finally got to see my memmy. You may not know it but I have felt so loved by you—from the first time you saw me in the ultrasound machine; through the times I would kick in your tummy, to the first time you saw me cry as I came out of your womb.

I was crying because you looked like you were in so much pain but the second you saw me, your eyes lit up and I truly felt your joy and excitement in bringing me to this world. Some memories say that that this happens everyday. They say that no matter how tires they are during the day, their babies always make their tiredness and stress go away. Let me do this for you. Let me take away your stress with my smiles and giggles. It’s a small task to give in return for all that you will do for me, especially these first years of my life.

It may be difficult at first to take care of me all day and all night but with each passing day that we spend with each other; I will be as excited as you are to learn new things, to explore, to experience and to enjoy.

But memmy, remember that you are not alone in all this. You have dada, you have family and you have the wonderful nurses and doctors who helped bring me to this world. I will always be grateful for you carrying me for 9 months, bearing the pain of my birth and promising to take care of me and love me forever. I love you...

Your baby,


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