June 28, 2020

Taking Care Of Your Property After a Hail Storm

A storm has gone through your area and with it came quite a bit of hail. These chunks of ice can cause significant property damage and thousands of dollars in insurance claims. Here are a few steps to follow if you think you might have had hail hit your house or vehicle.

Evaluate Your Property

Once you record the date and time of the storm, look over your roofing halifax ns and siding for dents and scrapes. Take photos of any marks that you see. Examine any vehicles that might have been left outside of the garage for damage as well. Lost limbs from your trees and broken patio furniture should be documented as well. These notes and photos will need to be turned over to your insurance company. If you have any problems that require immediate attention, repair them the best that you can.

File a Claim

Contact your insurance agent and report the damage that you have. Give them the information that you have as well as the photos. An adjuster will come to your home to inspect the issues that you have and give an approximate cost of repair. You can also have a contractor come to your home or take your car to the body shop to get their estimates as well. If the damage to your vehicle is too great, they may choose to total the car and give you the amount that the automobile is currently worth. Work with your agent to determine what amount they will cover so you can get your possessions fixed. 

Make the Repairs

When you are given notice that you can proceed, schedule for a contractor to come out and start fixing what is covered by your insurance. Replace broken furniture with something comparable with the same value. Make an appointment to have your car repaired and ask how long the body shop believes it to be so you can make arrangements for travel. 

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