May 30, 2019

GCash is the Best in Transferring Funds for FREE!

Wow! That was amazing!

It was my first time to use GCash app in doing a mobile Fund Transfer to my bank account, aside from using it to pay for my bills. As a banker, I would say that I have saved my money and effort as well. It’s not that easy that you have to commute in going to the bank and lining up just to do the banking transactions. But with GCash, it will make your life more easier.

Days before, my cousin texted me and borrowed money from me while I was on travel. I told her that fastest way that I could send her the money was through bank transfer using my bank’s mobile application. And so I did, but sad to say that they charged me Php 25 for the service charge. If only I’ve tried using the GCash bank transfer days before my cousin contacted me, I could have used it instead because you can transfer funds for FREEwith GCash!

Now that I myself have experienced it already, I will be using this application even more. Not just using it to pay for my bills, transferring funds, but even depositing money to banks for FREE! It’s a hassle free transaction not just for me but for everyone!

Well, to those of you who haven’t tried using GCash, now is the time! You can now experience the convenience without lining up and even spending your time in banks just to deposit funds to a bank account. But with GCash, your transaction can be done within seconds. If you are fond of transacting online business, then GCash is for you because you can pay the online sellers through GCash Bank Transfer. Of course, you can simply enjoy Gcash to bank and bank to Gcash  transactions in less than 3 minutes by just using your mobile phone (just like what I did!), plus you can do Bank Transfer to over 30 banks nationwide using the GCash Bank Transfer.

By just linking and cashing in with your bank account you can easily transfer money from one bank to another. Widen your options for mobile banking and simply experience the BEST of GCash!!!

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