November 5, 2018

PAL You Never Failed To Amaze Me

My first plane ride experience many many years ago was with Philippine Airlines. Indeed, I was being offered with great service and a memorable experience!

Weeks ago was another exciting moment with me because I was given the chance to fly to Manila to attend the Blogapalooza 2018 with my co-bloggers from Cagayan de Oro courtesy of PAL. Four days before the said event, I got my confirmed tickets with me and was glad enough that PAL honored my request that I will be departing from Davao instead of CDO.

On the day of my flight scheduled (7PM), I decided to check-in through their online services but unfortunately, it was an unsuccessful one! So, I reported immediately to Ms Ace Gapuz (Blogapalooza CEO) regarding the problem I have encountered. So true, Ms Ace explained to me that my confirmed flight schedule was already fully-booked! 

"What? I thought I already had my confirmed ticket with me." 

Ms Ace told me that since it was a non-revenue ticket, PAL would accommodate first the paying passengers. Uh-oh! So, got no choice but to be a "chance passenger"! After my seminar, I hurriedly went to the airport hoping and praying that I will be accommodated that night. While on the taxi, I was communing with God that I will be free from the traffic jam of Davao and be there on time with a positive heart that I can take my flight scheduled.

Foods @ Mabuhay Lounge
To make the story short, God answered my prayer that PAL did their best and that I will be catered once I arrived in the airport. Wow! A PAL admin personnel welcomed me when I arrived at the check-in area and guess what? I will be flying with an early flight scheduled (since there was a delayed aircraft turn-around)!

I did not expect it to happen, because I was preparing that I will be a chance passenger until dawn. Another great thing happened to me that night,  I was being escorted with their personnel going to Mabuhay Lounge for me to rest and have something to eat while waiting for boarding. Wow!!!
PAL you're the BEST!

Arrived Manila at around 9PM having a smooth and a safe flight! My returned flight was a hassle-free one!

Once again, PAL you never failed to amaze me! Thank you, thank you!

On our way home together with my co-bloggers from CDO
MLA-CDO flight with the Pilots and Cabin Crews

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