May 2, 2018

Living Brighter Under the Sun With Sun Life Financial!

Insurance companies are not new to me. Why? Sixteen (16) years ago, I could still remember a friend who introduced me into getting a policy when I was still a fresh graduate from college and single by then. He was actually a friend of my ex-boyfriend who happened to be my husband now. So funny that we got our policies (YES!, the 2 of us) without even knowing the benefits of what we were into. In other words, we were just forced to get one for ourselves for the sake of friendship. Hahaha... To cut the story short, we were not able to continue paying the policy since the company was declaring bankruptcy plus that was not our priorities way back then.

Now that I have my own family, I was the one who seek for an insurance company because I want to experience financial freedom not just for my self but for my loved-ones as well. I could still remember how I refused those financial advisers who would want to sit and talk with me (the usual reason I money is not enough). Oh how I missed those times wherein I was able to invest at my early age, maybe I could have a million already in my basket if  I had the full knowledge on financial literacy long before. Anyhow, it's not yet too late for me!

I just passed the IC exam 2 years ago and was part of an Insurance Company of that "one friend" who introduces what insurances was all about. Thankful for his life that I was able to get policies for me and my husband for almost 3 years now. But sad to say that I'm not active of being an FA for a  year now since I was just hired for a new greener pasture which requires more of my time. 

Now that I was invited back to attend a forum from Sun Life Financial last Saturday, my passion of sharing the financial literacy to my friends and loved-ones were awaken. Naks! I wanted to be part of Sun Life and be an Advisor again! Ooohh I need to renew my license and tender my resignation with my previous company.

What motivates me to do so? Here's Why I Wanna Be a Sun Life Advisor:

- Your earning potential is limitless and you will be able to enjoy the flexibility of your time.

- You will be rewarded with a trip to different continents and exciting destinations when your job is well done.

- By helping and fulfilling their financial goals, you are making a positive difference in the lives of many.

- You can shine your brightest because you are with the best company and the number 1 and the longest-standing life insurance company in the Philippines.

Thanks for inviting us Sun Life Financial!

How to #LiveBrighter

Balance your time between work and passion
Get In the business of helping people.
Fulfill your dreams and look forward to a brighter future.
Be a Sun Life Financial Advisor

How to Become a Sun Life Financial Advisor

Whether you want to do it part-time or Full Time, you only need to:
  • Attend the interview and take the POP – Personality Orientation Profile/Screen Test
  • Gather and Submit Insurance Commission (IC) requirements
  • Attend the IIAP Review Session on May 11, 2018, Friday as preparation for the Licensing Exam at the Insurance Commission on May 16, 2018.
  • After passing the Licensing Exam at the Insurance Commission. Undergo the Sun Life Training Course then complete the contracting and coding process.
Embrace the Brighter Life. Be a Sun Life Advisor. Help Filipinos achieve a brighter life!
For Financial Advisors aspirants in Cagayan de Oro City you may contact directly Miss Franchette M. Mejia – Unit Manager of Sun Life Financial of Narra Branch here in CDO at:
Office Phone no.: (08822) 726-252
Mobile No.: 0905-441-64-65
Office Address:
Narra New Business Office
2/F Phil 1st Insurance Bldg.,
Pres. AGuinaldo cor. Borja Sts.,
Cagayan de Oro City

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