July 22, 2017

Grill Hacks

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There's nothing like grilling out with the family as a way to enjoy the outdoors. A benefit of a grill is that it doesn't require any electricity, which cuts back on the utility bill, and you usually don't retain all of the grease that you would if you were to fry foods all the time or even bake them. There are a few hacks for your grill that will make it easier to keep the device clean and even upgrade your experience with faster cooking times. Grill grates are an investment that you want to make as they are easier to use than placing the foods that you want to prepare directly on the grilling surface. You can get disposable grates or those that are like a pan that you would put in the oven. These are easy to clean and can be reused each time you grill. 

Give your grill a fresh look with a coat of outdoor spray paint. There are several colors available, and once you remove all the rust from the grill, it'll look brand new. When your grill needs to be cleaned, use an open side of an onion on the grate. Coffee grounds can also help to keep the lower portion of the grill clean. 

Add a side table to the grill so that you have a place to store your utensils and a plate with only a few screws and a thick piece of wood. If you want to smoke the food that you prepare so that the flavors are locked in, then put a pan of water on the lower portion of the grill under the coals. Leave the lid open part of the way to allow the heat to escape. If you want to make your grill hotter than it can get with charcoals, then use lava rocks. These are naturally made to put off more heat, which means that your food will get done faster. However, you need to monitor the food more often since the cooking time increases. An egg carton sometimes works if you have trouble lighting charcoal or lava rocks.

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