February 1, 2016

Ways of Saying I LOVE YOU!

Fourteen days to be exact, the world will be celebrating the traditional holiday on which lovers express their love for each other by sending Valentine's cards and presenting bouquet of flowers to their family and friends or it could be their special/loved ones.

Expressing how much you love your spouses, kids, friends, and special someone should not only be done during this day, but every day instead! But this day is mostly associated with the mutual exchange of love notes in the form of "Valentine's" cards/notes, along with giving presents and flowers which made it more special.

Aren’t you excited to celebrate with your loved one this coming February 14th? Here are some tips on how to express your LOVE this V-day…

* Some people may say I LOVE YOU with FLOWERS!
- Some women prefer to receive flowers on Valentine's Day because they find it as the most romantic way of expressing love. So true, giving of flowers is a classic symbol of true love.

 * Some would say it with a well-chosen CARD
- Some women find it also romantic to receive such simple presents that their men could express their feelings in writing.
 *Some would prefer it with CHOCOLATES
- Some women prefer to receive sweets over flowers because they just want to. Actually, it all depends on the type of girl you want to express love with.
 * Some would prefer material PRESENTS
- Some women also wants a material present which they can keep for life.

But I guess it would be more extra special if they can express their love with all those mentioned above! :)

It’s true that it is well appreciated to receive such from your loved ones. But it would be so nice if not only those tokens of love that will do the work of saying what you or they really feel inside. One really has to say the words “I LOVE YOU” from the heart!

Everyone needs to hear the words of love. So not just during Valentine's but today, tell that special person “I love you” not just with flowers, chocolates, cards, and materials presents and so on and so forth but with words.

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