March 7, 2015

Getting the True Value Out Of Huge Windows

We're in an era where glazing seemingly takes priority over everything in the mind of the architect. All of the contemporary home magazines seem to feature those properties which look as though they are constructed entirely out of glass - with this supposedly being the definition of modern architecture.

We're not going to disagree with the last sentence - glazing is modern and in most cases, it looks fantastic.

Unfortunately, there are drawbacks to this method of construction. For all of the benefits that they bring, large windows can bring a few problems to properties. They range from thermal issues, to sound problems, right the way to privacy. However, with the correct set of window treatments installed, it's possible to eradicate all of these issues.

Let's start with the thermal problems. Any window is going to worsen the energy efficiency of a building, so it goes without saying that the bigger they are the worse hit they are as well. This is where the insulated blind comes into play, with this helping to retain a building’s heat and allow it to prosper from an energy efficiency perspective. Alternatively, for those properties built in warmer climates, the solar shade can stop all of those hot UV rays filtering through and cool your house down in the process.

If we move onto the topic of sound, it’s pretty much been addressed in the previous paragraph. As well as being an excellent insulator for heat, it should go without saying that insulated blinds can work wonders from a soundproofing perspective as well. Particularly if you opt for one of the thicker solutions, you can limit the amount of sound penetrating your glazing tremendously and quickly eradicate another of the renowned problems of large windows.

Privacy is even simpler to resolve and also easier if you don’t need to tamper with your building’s thermal or acoustic efficiency. In other words, all you need is a blind that’s capable of blocking out prying eyes when the need arises. For particularly large windows vertical blinds are probably one of the cheapest options that can manage this, although if you want to spend a little more wood Venetians can be manipulated to filter varying amounts of light through the slats.

Of course, every instance is going to be different and as you’ve probably gathered, large windows in cold country are going to be treated much differently to the same sized windows which are situated in a warm environment. On the other side of the coin, some rural homes might not have privacy high on their agenda, which again provides them with much more flexibility when it comes to choosing their window treatment.
Regardless of your situation, the rules remain the same though. Large windows can open your house up and even improve it from a thermal perspective and through the aid of window treatments, you can cast aside all of the drawbacks that some industry experts like to focus on.

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