February 21, 2014

How Windows are Styled with Ascot Valances

Valances are really fascinating coverings for any type of window. A simple window design will look stylish when adorned with an ascot valance. Most homemakers do not know what how an ascot valance looks like. This window covering is called by that name because it uses a variety of shapes accentuated with tube cording, tassels, stones and beads. 

If you are the type of person who are stylish, ascot valances can answer to your decorating needs. The design is elaborate, intricate and complex. The edging could be designed in waterfall, U shape, V shape, or fringed scallop. Small houses look huge with an ascot valance as it creates an illusion of wide space.

They are a perfect match with ornate designed furniture so they are highly recommended in Victorian, French Colonial or Georgian home architecture. But this does not mean that you cannot adorn your modern home with an ascot valance. Ascot valances needs one or two curtain rods to give a full gathered appearance. 

Meticulous homemakers love to adorn their windows with three ascot curtain valances for one window and the result is really wonderful. The first valance is hung on top of another valance then the last one is hung at the back. If you are unfamiliar with ascots you may think they are sewn together, but they the three valances are sewn separately. 

Stay-at-home moms love these valances because they have the time to mount, remove and wash them. Apart from enhancing the look of your room, the layers of valances block the sun from entering the room. If you like a waterfall valance, you need to buy a split curtain rod pocket so you can interlink the layers of valances for more dramatic effect. 

The ascot valance also looks better if you pair it with a floor length curtain or Venetian blinds. There is a wide selection of valances online and with a few dollars; your windows are adorned with stylish and cool coverings.

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