July 2, 2013

payITfwd: Spreading Good Deeds through Technology

Just an hour ago I was so blessed that I was there during the launching of this new program from SMART named PayITfwd: Paying it Forward through Smart Acts! Here are the four speakers sharing their  advocacies.  I'll just have to post their advocacies in a separate article, for sure you will be blessed too in their small acts. :)

Before and after the launching with my co-bloggers from Cagayan de Oro Bloggers, Inc together with the four speakers and the staff from SMART.

Just an information:

PayITFwd is the new program of Smart Communications, Inc. that aims to enable the spread of social good acts or ‘smart acts’ using technology (or Information Technology).It is also a social development initiative that aims to enable nation building by increasing access to technology (device + connectivity). The goal is to support, promote, expand, enhance, reward and enable social good efforts that foster LEARNING through technology. Technology not only increases access to learning but enables these smart acts to spread its benefits to more communities thus keeping the ‘good’ going. 

How can you be part of Smart’s PayITFwd? 

Submit your project here in video format showing everyone your project, its impact and the use of technology in your further expanding and fueling your project. CDO Bloggers is a proud partner/organizer of Smart Communications PayITFwd. If you know and individual or a group that made a difference, let us know. Send us a message on the CDO Bloggers Facebook Page or give us a tweet @cdobloggers.

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