August 23, 2012

Good Service and Quality Products Keeps Customers from Coming Back

Have you experience entering a certain shop, boutique, store, hardware and etc in which no one receives nor dares to give a little time to entertain you on what you want to buy? Definitely you’ve experience such, just like me! Well, I really hate business entities like such that doesn’t care about customer service. Don’t you know that customer satisfaction and customer loyalty are one of the key factors for the company’s survival? It would be so nice on your end if you can send out a happy customer out of your business and a happy customer back to your business. 

Sunlite Mitre of Australia
Now here comes the dilemma because small-business owners tend to focus so much time on attracting new customers that sometimes they forgot about the effort it takes to create loyal customers. Remember that it’s more expensive to get new customers than to retain them that is why one has to develop and nurture a relationship with your customers like communicating them regularly and providing them the consistently over-the-top service. 

What I like most about Sunlite Mitre 10- Australia’s hardware industry is that they really focus on their customers a lot and that even made a promise for them to go the extra mile, treating them like they were walking on red carpet, making them want to come back again and again. Aside from the good services, they also have the best of quality products. Cool right? Well, how I wish all companies would be like them too. 

Remember that a good quality customer service keeps customers coming back; bad customer service drives customers away, taking their friends, family and workmates with them!
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