June 21, 2012

Selecting the Best Location

Yesterday as I went to my fave salon to pamper my self, I was so shocked when they told me that the salon will be closed sooner because the owner will be selling (complete package) it to his cousin. Out of my curiosity I asked them why? Only to find out that they will be opening another salon  which is more expensive than what they have right now but the only difference is that they don't have the access to their right market. The place actually is not so feasible for salons but I guess for restaurants and bars will do.

If I were to invest, I'd rather go for restaurants since we can already buy at RapidsWholesale.com for restaurant equipment at a very affordable price. Well, I guess my friend had a not so good experience when it comes to food business, that is why their salon is what they are keeping up to and it's up to them (of course)! Anyway, I'm just giving a friendly advice on what should be considered in putting up a business~select the best location.

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