August 12, 2011

7 Great Sites For Online Study Guides For Christian Courses

When you are a Christian then you need to always be studying your faith. This is a title that you continually earn by learning about and living by the teachings of the Christian faith. Here are 7 great sites for online study guides for Christian courses that can assist you in doing both and just what you can get out of them.

The Different Versions Of The Bible

Some of these online study guides help you to understand that there are different version of the Bible and why these different versions exist. They can help you to see the many words and passages that have been changed over the years and how interpretations of the Bible change over time. These study guides can help you to understand the Bible itself even as you study its content.

Bible Verses

These online study guides can help you to isolate different Bible verses to seek out deeper meanings. Everyone knows the popular verses but do you know the less popular ones and how they might be able to help you grow in your faith? Seeing these verses both in and out of context can help you to see the Scriptures with fresh eyes.

Interpretations Of Bible Verses

There are many different interpretations of Bible verses and these study guides can help you to see what they are. These guides can help you to understand the context of the times in which verses were written and how they apply to your life today. With so many different interpretations of Bible verses, you need to take the time to study these verses on your own so that you can come to know what they mean to you.

Christian Perspectives On Modern Life

The Christian faith is not a list of rules that can be passed around or quoted at the right time. It is a way of living that shows everyone around you what you believe whether you speak about it or if you never say a single word. These study guides can help you to see past society's view of modern life and morality to see what the Christian faith has to say on these matters.

The Importance Of Ongoing Study

Ongoing study is essential to be always deepening your understanding and your faith. To live by Christian beliefs you must know what they are. If you call yourself a Christian without studying Christian beliefs or without living by those beliefs then you are using the word without living the experience. This is why ongoing study is so important.

What Does It Take To Be Saved?

It is easy to get drawn into what is popular. You may think that you can let your morality slide and still expect salvation but do you really think that this is how it works? These study guides can help to remind you that you are not trying to live by the standards of the people around you but by God's standards.

7 Great Sites For Christian Study Guides
  1. Bible Study Lessons
  2. Unique Bible Study
  3. Bibleseo
  5. Bible Study
  6. Courses for Growing Christians
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