August 1, 2008

Quality Time!

As a working parents, it is very hard for us to spend a quantity time with our little girl. Every after office hours, we see to it that if no over time works to be done we will go home early so that we could spend quality time with Danielle. Sometimes we went home late at night for some activities to attend at church and even at our work place. I felt so guilty at times wherein we could not spend even a single time with her cause she's already asleep when we arrived home. We will wake up early to prepare ourselves for office and then kiss her and bid goodbye while she's still sleeping. So on and so forth...(routinary works)

Thanks God that my work is every weekdays only. I could spend the rest of my weekends for my baby. Sad to say that my husband could stay at home during sundays only. Last saturday at around 5pm I was so thankful that we spent our quality time with her. We went to have swimming at the beach and so nice to look at that they have spent together with his dad. Sunday came, we went to have strolling in the mall for her to explore the outside world since she stays at home the whole weekdays.

Having enough time with our baby doesn't mean that we already have quality time with her, we still need to be with her while she watch educational DVDs, loves story telling, playing with her, singing and dancing is her forte so I will give enough time to practice with her.

Quality is much more important than of quantity time....

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