June 24, 2008

Life of a Student

Just recently, I talked to somebody and shared that I really missed those times in going back to school. I remembered last March 2006, my life as a student ended. That was the time that I graduated from my masters degree in Public Administration. From then on, I got pregnant and gave birth and made myself busy as a working mom.

And it came to realized, I am now a student again this time. I officially enrolled the Kairos course (Condensed World Mission Course). Last Sunday night, as I was studying our lesson 1, I was so happy that I really felt the life of a student. Having some home works to do, reading articles, listening to the facilitator, sharing some experiences/personal growth, do some reporting, praying, etc. and most of all sleeping late at night. I am very excited to know more about the course and I do pray that it would make a great change for me as an individual.

Truly God has blessed me to be a blessing to others that's why He planned it all out for me to be in this course.


Bogie said...

hello luv... it's good to know that you are excited about the course. Murag gi na call gani ka ni Lord sa missions dah.. he.he.he.. I like that little student in the photo. so cute. :)

Lalaine said...

uy wow!! ng kairos diay mo luv..that's great!!

Anonymous said...

Wherever or whatever you study the life of students is always interesting because includes hundreds of challenges and opportunities for intellectual and personal growth.